Monday, March 17, 2014


This is one fine looking sign, and the message is always important.

I made some of these images in an 'Image Magic Studio', but some were borrowed for good use, and I assumed freeware.

If Voting did not change anything...

Liberals, please, it is very important that you vote expecially in this coming midterm election November 4th 2014, as it will decide the balance of the congress, and possibly your State Governor.

You may know that all these programs, every one was started, put through a Liberal majority congress and a Liberal Majority senate, and presented to a liberal president. In other words you can thank a Liberal Democrat.

Rather Kill Myself!

"He'd rather kill himself!" Isn't that a bit extream?

Friend's this is the most oppressing sore on our economy as I speak, when the common people have no extra money to spend, business loses also, and the economy stagnates, but when and if the minimum wage of $10.10 gets pass the congress, the economy will thrive as the people will be able to spend and small mom and pop businesses will start up again, and every business will have to hire to accommodate the new spending traffic.

That is exactly what happened in the Bill Clinton presidency, when the economy was so great that it sang!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Minimum Wage

The last time our minimum wage was raised, under President Bill Clinton, our economy virtually sang!! When people have money to spend, they spend it, the business thrives, and hires more people to tend to the new customers.